Nepal Earthquake Updates

(After the second 7.3 quake)

We are going through a series of aftershocks here. There was another big disaster in another part of Nepal due to yesterday’s 7.3 quake. I myself, including my family and friends and whole family of Nepal, are deeply touched by our friends, brothers and sisters in the USA, as well as our global friends. Every single contribution is so valuable. We thank you all and bow. Namaste – Dr. Sarita

Dr. Monika (Dr. Sarita’s daughter) along with her friends, and the Devi Ma staff have been going to many remote quake-affected areas upon request, based on a deep real need. They have already gone to more than 12 places bringing medical supplies, care, and basic food items such as rice, rice flakes, dalmod snack, cooking oil, salt, hand washing soap, sanitary napkins, buckets and locally made tents. With this new situation and circumstances, the needs are also evolving and changing. A real emergency need is still here. They are meeting with people and different organizations to understand the most basic needs. Devi Ma is planning for immediate, mid term and long term help.

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