Nepal Earthquake Updates

Devi Ma is so very grateful for the immense support that has come in at this time, allowing them to support the community of Nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake.

The team at Devi Ma has worked together with Dr. Shrestha to extend relief efforts throughout Nepal and communities in greatest need post-earthquake. A total of 25 camps just east of the epicenter of the quake were extended immediate support in the 45 days following the quake. This support came in the form of hands-on medical assistance, medicine, fresh food for daily preparation, water, equipment to fulfill sanitary needs, distribution of 500 tents, and more. The immediate efforts went to approximately 350 families that were in most dire need of help. Fortunately at Devi Ma the team was left unharmed by the earthquake. Sadly, homes were lost and family members killed and injured. Donations that came in also went to support the team as needed.

About one hour outside of Bhaktapur in the thickly forested village of Sipadol, a local team has helped Devi Ma to find families that are in the greatest need of support after complete decimation of their homes in the earthquake. After following a very bumpy, muddy road for miles, most of these homesites are only accessible by foot. The structures constructed by hand that once housed large families were knocked to the ground with the multiple earthquakes that hit Nepal. In these extremely rural villages, Devi Ma has funded the construction of galvanized iron shelters that range in size, though mostly creating as much floor space as about a single car garage. So far 60 new homes have been built using this model with Devi Ma’s initiation and support, and additional projects are just getting started.

About an hour or two from this area, in a very poor neighborhood of Kathmandu, a shelter camp in a very small lot of land has been constructed for people from Sindupalchok, another heavily hit village, housing 150 tents for 500+ people. With the Kathmandu Valley currently being hit hard by monsoon season, rate of illness is very high within the community being sheltered by these tents. Devi Ma is currently keeping this shelter community supplied with interval delivery of enough medical supplies to care for everyone in need. The medical supplies go directly to a nurse that is living within one of the tents. She lost her home in the quake and remains in this tent zone to care for as many as she can.

In schools within Sipadol village and elsewhere, counseling sessions have been made available to children along with financial aid to cover education fees which has allowed 5 independent students who have lost everything to continue their schooling. These children range in age from elementary years to what we refer to in the west as high school years. In Nepal, the this age in school is referred to as Higher Secondary Education.

Devi Ma has been working with a large number of individuals throughout the area of Kathmandu Valley who have helped find individuals, families and villages that may be just outside of reach of other funding and support that has come in through large organizations or government. The goal of Devi Ma is to extend these efforts as long term as is needed. The ongoing support includes medical supply, consult services, cancer screening, food supply, education expense support, etc.

In rural villages and communities across Nepal, “a great example has been set for the world of the Nepalese.” Devi Ma wishes continued resilience and independence for the people of Nepal. This organization is committed to the continuation of funding and medical supply to communities that demonstrate strength through the trails of this natural disaster.
Update written September 6, 2015 by Jenna Furnari and Petra Neiger

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